Created november 1, 2000. Revised January 18, 2005; November 8, 2007; April 25, 2013l September 18, 2016.
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A Gallery of Cultivation Photographs
Copelandia tropicalis in situ. Not there the day before


The natural 21 day growth of Copelandia Tropicalis on Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii
I photographed this fresh overnight cow-pie of Copelandia tropicalis. It was not there the day before. I came back every three days for a total growth of 21 days. Here are 10 photographs of this event.

Here is day one

A close up

And yet another close up

And here we have day 3

And now we have day 6

And a close-up of day 6

And now we come to day 10 of this wonderful growing miracle of enlightenment

And here we are on the fourtheeth day of growth

And now the 17th day

Finally, this is the 21st day of these mushrooms growing in fresh manure on Kualoa Ranch property near Chinaman's Hat on Oahu Island of Hawaii

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