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Mushroom John's Tales of the Shrooms


This website features more than 15,800 photographs (thumbnails included) pertaining to entheogenic fungi. 67 psilocybian species and 6 non-active species are described. More than 100 articles and books on 'magic mushrooms by John W. Allen, along with international scholarly co-authors are presented here including many rare and hard to find early published scholarly academic and ephemeral publications, all about the magic of the shrooms. A news section featuring hundreds of mushroom grow-bust-possession news items from around the world, mushroom art of all kinds, pictorial photo essays of mushroom and cultural forays into the jungles and villages of Thailand and Cambodia are presented as are some of my favorite photographs from around the world featuring non-shroom images, furry animals, a recording I made in 1964 with the Beatles is available here for a free download and other interesting adventures from my life.

NEW: The Collectied Papers of Gaston Guzman.

All Things Shroomy
Biography and Bibliography of John W. Allen
Exotic Forays: Mushroom and Cultural Forays in Thailand and Cambodia, 1986-2008
Links to Other Mushroom Related Websites
Magic Mushroom Farms in the Nederland: Part I
Magic Mushroom Farms in The Nederland: Part II
Mushroom Articles By John W. Allen
Mushroom Articles by Other Scholars
My Favorite Mushroom Art From Around the World
My Favorite Photography
My Favorite Power Point Slide Presentation Project with Chulalongkorn University
My Favorite Psychedelic Art
The Grape Vine: Shroom News Items (Raids, Possession, and Cultivation) 1968-2007

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