Table of Contents

The Spanish, The Aztecs aned the Sacred Fungi
Modern Field Research on Teonanacatl 1915-1940
Richard Evans Schultes
Rolf Singer and the Identification of Teonanacatl
The Rediscovery of Entheogenic Mushrooms: Wasson's First Voyage
Marķa Sabina
Albert Hofmann and the Synthesis of Psilocybine and Psilocine
Mushrooms and Timothy Francis Leary
Biographies of Other Prominent Mushroom Pioneers
Gallery of Photographs
Other Contributors to the Fields of Chemistry, Pharmacology,
Psychiatric Medicine, Field Identification and Cultivation

Hallucinogens and Shamanism in Native American Life (Oct-Nov 1978)
A Bibliography of R. Gordon Wasson (with annotations)
Interviews with R. Gordon Wasson
Letters in Response to RGW's May 13, 1957 Life Magazine Article
Further Suggested Reading
Internet Mushroom Links
Journal Reviews of Mushroom Pioneers by Tjakko Stijve

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