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Ancient Shamanic Mushroom Names
Other Regions of the World

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Page 6

10. Psilocybe candidipes Sing. & Smith
Known in Mixe as:
nche-je (a signal of).

This implies that other entheogenic mushrooms grow near this species.

11. Psilocybe cordispora Heim = Caerulescens var. ombrophila. (see #7 and #18).
Known in Spanish as:
dulces clavitos del señor.

Known in Mixe as:
ene-t'-c (thunders teeth).
na.shwi.ñ mush (mushrooms of the earth).
atkat (mayor).
at-kat (mayor).

This species is used by Mixe (Mijes) and Mazatec shamans and healers.

12. Psilocybe cubensis (Earle) Singer. (Fig. 6).

Both No's 12 and 13 are macroscopically indistinguishable (see entry # 13 below).


Fig. 6. Psilocybe cubensis (Earle) Singer.
Photo: John W. Allen

13. Psilocybe subcubensis Guzmán. (Fig. 7).
Both #12 and #13 are known in Mazatec as:

San Isidro (patron saint of the fields).
San Isidro de Labrador (patron saint of agriculture).
derrumbes del estiércol de vaca (landslide that grows on cow dung, Spanish).
nti-xi-tjo-le-ncha-ja (dear little thing pertaining to the steer).
di-xi-tjo-le-rra-Ja (divine mushroom of manure or sacred mushroom of cow dung).
di-shi-thó-le-nraja (the fungus like those grow on cow dung).

Known in Zapotec as:

Known in English as:
golden tops, gold caps, purple ring.

Known in Spanish as:

In Central America, Psilocybe subcubensis is known as "suntiama."

Fig. 7. Psilocybe subcubensis Guzmán.
Photo: John W. Allen

14. Psilocybe fagicola Heim et Cailleux.
Known in Spanish as:
senores principales.
los señors (the lords)

15. Psilocybe hoogshagenii Heim var. hoogshagenii (Fig. 8).
Known in Spanish as:
los ninos.
los Chamaquitos (the little boys).

Known in Nahuatl:
teotlaquilnanácatl (divine mushroom that describes or paints).

Known in Mazatec as:
di-nize taa-ya.
pajaritos de monte (little birds of the woods).

Known in Mixe as:
Atka:t (judge).
na.shwi.ñ mush (mushrooms of the earth).

This species is primarily used by the Chinantecs.


Fig. 8. Psilocybe hoogshagenii Heim Var. hoogshagenii
Photo: Jim Jacobs.

16. Psilocybe hoogshagenii var. convexa Guzmán =(Psilocybe semperviva Heim and Guzmán. (Fig. 9).

Fig. 9. Psilocybe hoogshagenii var. convexa=Psilocybe semperviva Heim & Cailleux.
Photo: Gastón Guzmán

17. Psilocybe isauri Singer = Psilocybe yungensis.

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