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I start this tale out by showing you where we foraged for wild and magic shrooms. This image was photographed at 7 a.m. in the morn.

Presenting six pages featuring 111 of some of my favorite photographs taken on my Thailand Road Trip Shroom Adventure in North Central Thailand at Taksinmaharat National Forest, Tak.

The above image shows from the left, Dr. Prakitsin Sihanonth (with glasses). The lady next to him is Dr. Jittra Piapukiew of the Department of Botany and Biology at Chulalongkorn University. It is she who performed with others, the DNA sequencing for five species of fungi we were studying at the University. The other four girls are students and the man on the right is the driver of out minivan. This image was taken in a restaurant on the road to Tak, Thailand from Burma.

The Entrance to Taksinmaharat National Forest in Tak, Thailand.

Below are three images of the mountain view from the road into the Park

From outside my cabin the next morning I observed this Beautiful (Angel's Trumpets), a species of Datura.

Well here I am lagging behind the others who are calling out to me to catch up.

Here on a third day of foraging, my colleague, Dr. Prakitsin Sihanonth and a Forest Ranger are quite ahead of me on the jungle trail. You can see them in the image. The 2nd image shows exactly how far ahead of me they are. You can see the brown river bed in the image. That is where we are heading.

And here I wanted to show you how thick the jungle is becoming as we travel down the mountain ridge into the interior.

Here are four images of some of the mushrooms we found in the jungle.

Here you can see the rangers uniform who is holding these specimens for me.

And here are some beautiful Earth Stars from the jungle floor.

And then I saw the Bear

And some Flaura and Fauna. The caterpillar who became a butterfly.

And another beautiful butterfly.

And some unidentified blue berries from the jungle.

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